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  • Atlantis: the Lost Continent

    Atlantis: the Lost Continent


    Terrific fantasy adventure from George Pal, who's movie adaptation of HG Wells' classic novel, The Time Machine, is still up there with my favourite scifi movies. This is a really fun film. Very colorful, with great attention to sets with a good cast that is such fun to watch.

  • I Walked with a Zombie

    I Walked with a Zombie


    I Walked With A Zombie" is a brilliant bit of film making. Based somewhat on the classic story of "Jane Eyre. It takes to Caribbean island mansion. Its Jacques Tourneur and producer Val Lewton's second horror/thriller collaboration as they craft out one fine poetic flim that really is so lovely with its rich camera work. Lewton's ideals are more focused on suggestion in a psychological way, the scares more cloaked in a shadowy unease, director Jacques Tourneur perfectly in tune…

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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Black Panther is marvel's best movie. Black panther is not just your typical superhero movie.its not about just good guy beating the bad guy its not about good vs evil.its about a message .its about a truth that we as a human beings have long forgotten.the truth that whoever we are where ever we are from as what your you are as we all human and flesh and blood with trials to overcome. its a truly marvelous heroic movie.

  • The Predator

    The Predator


    The Predator⁠ ⁠ is a fun action movie that i feel was so enjoyable to watch form start to finish. It is Shane Black’s fun little love letter to the series that i truly adored form start to finish.