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  • Blood Fest

    Blood Fest


    As a horror it is pretty poor, it pulls its punches, delivering unsatisfying gore and zero scares. As a tongue in cheek, comedy it makes up in part, with Cabin in the Woods-like meta commentary on the genre and its rules. Kinda fun but by no means a horror. Doesn't achieve what the likes of Better Watch Out due to its own stupidity but Jacob Batalon (Spiderman: Homecoming) really saves its face in some consistent scene stealing.
    Also, for a film with a sold out park full of victims, where are all the damn people?!

  • Police State

    Police State


    I'd been looking forward to this since halfway through 2016. My intrigue was entirely based on the poster and the tagline and the fact it was touted as a sci-fi, action, adventure. Zero promotion and even Letterboxd doesn't have many details to go on, however I found this wallowing in the depths of Amazon Prime.
    Here are my stream of conscious thoughts as I watched....

    - Main guy is appalling. Appalling. I cannot believe he has been in other movies.…

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  • Apostle



    Anyone with Netflix will have heard of this period thriller about a man (Dan Stevens) who travels to a remote island to infiltrate an idyllic cult community and recover his sister. From the Raid’s Gareth Evans, the horror element isn’t profuse but when it does rear it is executed effectively. There’s a Wicker Man-like discomfort that permeates from start to finish, creating general unease well, and when action and gore crop up - and in the second half there is…

  • Mandy



    The first half of this revenge thriller is a trip. An actual trip. Like the director mine-swept every spiked drink in the club, sank them consecutively, then picked up his video camera and started recording how he saw the world. Red filters are applied in abundance and dialogue is zapped through a reverb filter for fun, but not without purpose - this isn't just some arty indie number; these techniques are applied for a reason. Otherwise I would've been out.…