The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★★

There were a few key elements to this - all revolving around the structure and unconventional narrative - that I felt detracted from the piece as a whole.

The re-visiting of certain scenes never really added very much other than to emphasise the pride of men, and I often wondered throughout as to whether a linear telling would have been simpler and doubly as effective.

To further the point, it felt as thought the friendship between Damon and Driver was never fully realised as a result of the time constraints. As a result the titular scuffle never truly carried the expected pathos.

But then was it ever really about them?

It did take me some time to grow accustomed to the galloping pace at which events came and went, expending depth along the way, but otherwise this was Ridley Scott delivering sumptuous visuals as usual and a narrative that - unsurprisingly - feels very timely.

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