Nonsensical and absolutely devoid of emotion. Very much felt like a waste of my time, other stories deserved to be told and listened to over this trash. Not for me

I slept on it so my thoughts are more concrete. Honestly the concept of this movie is really cool and has so much potential. But instead of the intriguing stories and creative themes Nolan could have explored, he traded those in for big explosions, fancy boats, and car chases. Seriously was it just me or were there a lot of boats in this movie

There is absolutely nothing interesting about this screenplay whatsoever. I'm shocked that the film didn't even attempt to develop the characters or make them compelling in the slightest. For a movie like Dunkirk, it kinda makes sense as that was a historical film that tackled an actual event. But not this. You can't do that in a scifi thriller, there needs to be SOMETHING, ANYTHING for the audience to latch on to. Even if it is just a concept film, what's there to take away from this? What philosophical, sociological, or psychological themes and ideas does this film explore? I've thought about it, and I honestly can't tell you anything. This film truly feels like a dark void. You can go as deep as you want, there's nothing to find with Tenet

No stakes, no tension, just nothing. That's why I initially called this movie nonsense, because it certainly feels like it. It's just stuff happening on the screen. I really wanted the film to hook me, I was waiting for it to prove me wrong. But it never happened.

On a technical scale, the editing was really bad. Dialogue scenes cut back and forth constantly (ping pong style editing) and the action scenes were really hard to follow. Did a poor job at establishing spaces so it was confusing to orient myself within the scenes. The pacing was so absurdly fast that there was no time for reflection or development.

I really don't like this movie. I think it's one of the most hollow and least thoughtful blockbusters I've seen in a long time. As you can ask my friends, I got pretty heated about it last night but I've cooled down, unfortunately my thoughts and feelings about the film haven't changed. Sorry Nolanites

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