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  • Lady Cocoa

    Lady Cocoa


    A unique gem in the Blaxploitation cannon, truly unique and straight-faced.

  • The Candy Tangerine Man

    The Candy Tangerine Man


    A fantastic and serious take in the Blaxploitation cannon, lead by a brilliant performance and great direction.

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  • Head



    A perfect blend of arthouse, counter-cultural attitudes and slapstick comedy that acts as a brilliant deconstruction of the image The Monkees had cultivated (and had cultivated for them). Highly recommended.

  • Rome, Armed to the Teeth

    Rome, Armed to the Teeth


    Lenzi works best in Eurocrime and while he doesn't ditch all the sleaze, he is far more balanced and toned down. Rome Armed to the Teeth somewhat suffers from Merli as the lead but it's still a fine film and one of Lenzi's best.