Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name ★★★½

Hey this is a pretty good movie that I would never describe as good without the pretty in front of it. I's surprisingly clean considering its about such a dirty musical artist/comedian at its center. It's perfectly inoffensive in every way, which is why I recommended it to my parents directly after watching it.

The main story here is how good Eddie Murphy is as the man behind Dolemite, Rudy Ray Moore as well as a stellar supporting performance by Da'Vine Joy Randolph as The Lady Reed. The 70's period costumes are damn stellar too with Ruth Carter at the helm. The production design and soundtrack are just as good.

Titus Burress is wasted as Moore's agent Tony. He doesn't get anything to do. He only has an embarrassing haircut. But Wesley Snipes delightfully DNGAF as the director Moore hires who knows a little bit more about this business as everyone else making this movie. Key is really great as an uptight playwright writing the script who sticks out like a sore thumb.

It's a lot like The Disaster Artist if Tommy Wiseau's crazy was placed with general inexperience and spread around instead of centered on just one person, which is decidedly less cinematic. You never really get a feeling about anything deeper in Moore's relationship with anyone except maybe The Lady Moore, but that's entirely to the credit of the performances. The script gives them almost nothing to work with.

Dolemite is my name os about a comedian and it's consistently pretty interesting, but almost never funny. It's rewarding to see a new true story (complete with real life photographs over the credits), but this felt more like a 90s VH1 movie with an exceptional cast and production design. It's all very pleasant, but it's also all very superficial.