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  • The Transfiguration

    The Transfiguration


    Man, vampire movies

  • Poor Boy

    Poor Boy


    Some cool stuff in there but it doesn't really add up. Great cinematography, some cool editing, kind of a plot...

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  • Cats


    Hell hell jell jelicle cats jelicle cats uncanny valley hell jell stop looking at me Judy Dench a cat is not a dog a cat is not a dog hell a cat is not a dog ascend ascend to the heavinside layer ascend McCavity naked why is he naked the fur oh god where did the coat come from skin skinned unzipped skin human cockroaches jell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell Could I be a Jelicle Cat too? This made me love big brother

    Nuzzle nuzzle

  • Fireworks



    This sad guy beats up the entire yakuza