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  • Head
  • Blood Simple
  • Goyokin
  • Caddyshack

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  • Uncut Gems


  • Red Dawn


  • There Will Be Blood


  • Fire in the Sky


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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Use to spend every other Easter in New York (2010 - 2016) with work trips. I remember cutting down 47thW  ST around 2012. I had my earphones, in pay no mind world watching. Suddenly two guys exploded out of tiny jewellery / broker store front, both had each other in a headlock, one persists to drag the other one around in the gutter, after he tipped him up. Screaming in NY about ‘where something was’ and money owed . Walked on by with that nervous laughter of being stuck in scene from Mean Streets…. So yeah… that

  • Fire in the Sky

    Fire in the Sky


    That Isham soundtrack. I couldn’t watch this at the time. UFO movies in the early 90s was like a Funko Pop. ButI missed something special here.

Popular reviews

  • Universal Soldier

    Universal Soldier


    T-2 was still in the air. All I remember was feeling.. nothing. 14 year old turned over the VHS box and reading the steelfish font billing small print: R O L A N D ... E M E R I C H . I'll remember that f%^ker.

  • Star Trek: Generations

    Star Trek: Generations


    Generations was that film that they had on repeat when you went into Curry’s or Comet to demo the big flat screen CRT tellys. Big shots of the Enterpise C dish ploughing into that forest in 1995 CDi quality definition, all sync’d on 10 sets like a CCTV control room. The preferred way to watch this.