Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part II ★★★½

Never got out of my head the opinions coming out of Quinton Cannon Cinema in 1989. People a lot older than me were annoyed that the film they just watched didn’t have an ‘ending’ and they had to come back in the Summer for a part 3.

This is Thomas F Wilson’s film isn’t it? A middle aged Biff in emerald green adidas tracksuit is the first new we see that isn’t a recap. Before that title rolls.

This was always a strong 2015 to me... and it’s still exquisite and playful. Looses a bit of it’s momentum in alt 1985. The bleakness of it was lost on me at the time through repeated Police Academy urban anarchy light. Those Trump analogies. 1955 stuff is treading water somewhat. The absolute shear dread of loosing that 2nd Delorean in 1955 and then the letter.

It’s a mixed back. But this came off a lot better than my recent memory of it.