Back to the Future

Back to the Future ★★★★½

Been meaning to sit down with this for a while. Thought Easter weekend would be a good time to rattle through em.’

I’ve always been of the thinking that the slightly uneven sequels tend to hang off this perfect mid 80s gem. That panning camera opening to the platrum, that puts you in these huge, cosy, lived in suburban garage spaces. Beautiful world building in both Hill Valley town squares. Almost stagey musical in feel. Near perfect pacing and casting. The film just had a effortless feel to it.

The Delorean revealing and action sequence on the Mall parking lot. Right.. The car is basically the rocket truck from Buckaroo Banzai. Top Speed ignition? It even has a McGuffin device that makes it work just behind the driver seat. You steal from the best. It beats climbing into a fridge which was the original idea. You think about Repo Man and Time Rider. This was a 80’s zeitgeist. Everyone was chipping away at this.

Lea Thompson & Crispin Glovers Teen McFly’s performances are all. Uncle Joe jokes are still the best. The mind blowing ending is possibly diminished by a sequel.

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