Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road ★★★★★

George Miller disappeared into the Namibi Desert in 2012. Came out a whole month over deadline from location filming with something very special.

Last time watched Fury Road was possibly the Black and Chrome print from 2017.

Always have a lot to say about the Vuvalini Sisters. It’s not just feminism thing it’s their age. Something that’s not represented in a action film setting in the mid 2010s, and should be something to aspire to, celebrated. Just generally about the cast. From protagonists to antagonists.

…..This brings to close me watching a Mad Max film every night during a UK heatwave* (they don’t happen very often). 30° still air nights kinda added to the rabid madness of it all. Even though I associate my first watch of the Mad Max trilogy with a late 80s Xmas late movie season. The channel showed one Mad Max film every night leading up to New Years.