Samurai Spy

Samurai Spy ★★★★½

This is the business, but don’t mention the N word. 

Makes a Cold War as fuck film out of the Yagyū Clan. Shinoda’s gets bored of Samurai going about their business and kills a bunch 
of em’ with shuriken.
Forgot how much i’m into that latin jazz tinged trad soundtrack. The camera work is so much more energetic in these big open spaces, compared to the claustrophobia of earlier film Assassination. The political fog is still here, of who’s who and who’s working for who. Arguably works better here because by the 3rd act it’s down to a two horse race. The castles interior stealth sequences on roofs, black silhouettes crawling across lattices and severed limbs laying around... all in low light. Kenji Misumi was taking notes for them murky low lit early 70’s mountain shinobi movies.