Wild Palms

Wild Palms ★★★

That continued obsession with all things Philip K Dick and Blade Runner that was the 90s. Orwellian future with those Los Angeles sun bleached UV10 pink skies. The BBC at the time tried to market this as the next Twin Peaks. Oliver Stones production credit is him putting his weight behind a 'TV is evil' sentiment.
It's 10% Lynch actors that didn't make T.P. Brad Douriff.. Robert Loggia. Belushi's performance goes from terrible to mixed at best.

Visually operatic almost Greek tragedy in portrayal. It's cruelty takes beats from Batty and Tyrell last scene in BR. It suffers from some great ideas but not enough time to develop them. What little time it has in the mid episodes it seems to squander it in great locations that look all the same. The Kathryn Biglow episode final 3rd is a stand-out moment. Her direction off the back of Point Break put some energy into the confusion. Possibly a dry run of themes for her Strange Days project.

Oddly remember more of the beats of this than Twin Peaks from the early 90s. Me being older and down to Ryuichi Sakamoto music which holds this all together which gets a star. Good use of 60s/70s pop music.
Interested in watching Cronenberg's Maps of the Stars. Bruce Wagner set it in the same LA of his making.