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  • Beverly Hills Cop

    Beverly Hills Cop


    Like Midnight Run it runs out of steam in the middle. But the rest is really great. E.Murphy acting like he got the job 2 days before cameras rolled (supposedly he did). Pointer Sisters and Harold Faltermeyer contributions make this infinity better when I was 7 and still does. Bin off the over used Axel F. Reminds my of mid 80’s Summer Fate's .


    The Discovery (Axel ‘discovers’ the coke in the warehouse)  Is up there with ‘New Mission’ from Top Gun. Faltermeyer burned bright for a short while. Think he took a break around 1989/90 and Zimmer and Mark Isham stole his fkn allotment.

  • The Lawnmower Man

    The Lawnmower Man


    This was the directors cut. It’s a great idea but poorly executed. Think I prefer the theatrical version, where Jobe is introduced to this world from the cold.

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    There’s a genuine move try something different with it and keep the laughs. Specially with the topic. Visual shift in that 3rd. If it suffers from any fatigue it’s the series of films fault. Some of it is starting to feel like a retread. Nothing new.

    But still good Summer entertainment on par with Guardians Vol.2 experience, the last marvel film I watched in a Cinema.

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    It’s an improvement on the last one. The 3 Parker’s and hall of villains stuff works really well, what they do with it is debatable. Essentially a remix of 3rd acts of every Spiderman film up until this point. Liked the Jaws downtime before the final with the three Parker’s, it shouldn’t work but it does. My criticism of Homecoming’s use of NYC music starts to work here  Talking Heads opening De La Soul closing. Return of 90’s Happy Hogan gets a star. A vehicle to reset Spiderman back to his purist form. Just a costume and a police radio. Strip all that stark gizmo stuff.

  • Pitch Black

    Pitch Black


    Pitch Black is one of those films I remember being told the basic idea in a pub. It’s still great idea. Has it aged well? Not sure. It’s bit like Event Horizon possibly its better as a memory.

  • Saturday Night Fever

    Saturday Night Fever


    Sister was over, decided she wanted to watch it. You forget how narcissistic and bleak this is. Nobody comes of well.

  • ¡Three Amigos!

    ¡Three Amigos!


    German Mercs flying Biplanes and Revolution manifesto. Possibly my first Zapata Western..

  • Flight of the Navigator

    Flight of the Navigator


    Just wanted to check on the greatest end title sequence of my childhood.

  • Tenet



    Destroyer of Worlds

    It gets better.. the jigsaw starts to fit.. I sat back in the visuals more. After reading about the coming  Oppenheimer biopic he been working on, lots of parallels and precursors here… and a monologue. The consequences of ‘good work’.

  • Air Force One

    Air Force One


    Oldman funded, Nil by Mouth. Pure off this. 

    Went to see this in cinema. Everything I remember about this was actually Starship Troopers 4 months later. It’s like the Pullman speech from Independence Day but two hours long. Both times a mate of mine farted in a darken room with impeccable timing at some on screen jingoism. Still coming to terms that Jerry Goldsmith wrote the music for this. It’s good Die Hard clone above all.

  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    Secret Wars era Spiderman was the Peter Parker I read as a kid. I remember referring to it as the black widow Spiderman outfit as a action figure. I even had UK omnibus of story line, that ended in the symbiotic suit dragging Parker out of the church belfry. So in a weird way this was the film I was invested in. Took notice of in 2007 and wanted to see now.

    It comes with a lot of baggage. The…

  • The Godfather: Part III

    The Godfather: Part III


    Decided to watch this cut over Part III. It’s not much different. Just feels intentionally lessor than the other two. That silent scream on opera house steps is still as impactful as ever.