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  • Alcohol and Its Victims

    Alcohol and Its Victims


    Ambitious but primitive cautionary tale about the evils of the demon drink. At a time when most films still hadn’t progressed beyond point-and-shoot reflections of the real world, Zecca, like fellow countryman Georges Melies, was creating works with multiple scenes and a coherent narrative.

  • The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield Paradox


    The collision of parallel dimensions really should be more intriguing than this routine and mildly confusing entry in JJ Abrams’ Cloverfield franchise. Still interested to see where this is all going, though...

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  • The Invisible Man Returns

    The Invisible Man Returns


    The Invisible Man Reappears would seem to be a more appropriate title but, as Claude Rains’ character failed to survive past the first movie’s end credits, a new character must relive his ordeal. Step forward a young Vincent Price, whose tones are even more distinctive than his predecessors, and who descends into madness with camp flamboyance. He’s supported by a decent cast that is led by Cedric Hardwicke and Cecil Kellaway, two thorns either side of the rosy Nan Grey,…

  • The Goddess

    The Goddess


    A young mother and prostitute does whatever she must to ensure her little boy receives a good education.

    The kind of movie that would be a melodramatic tear-jerker in the hands of a Hollywood director is given a much more naturalistic feel by Yonggang Wu. Lingyu Ruan, a year before she committed suicide at the age of 24, gives a performance of immense strength and nuance, while Zhizhi Zhang is full of malign cheer as the bullying pimp who takes over her life. Great movie that overcomes the generic nature of its story to deliver a real emotional experience.