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  • Lena Rivers

    Lena Rivers


    Slight, slow-moving drama set amongst the well-to-do racing set in the Deep South. Forgotten stars Charlotte Henry and Morgan Galloway bond while listening to 'the darkies' sing about how happy they is. Somehow, the couple's lasting happiness hinges on the outcome of a horse race in an ending that's both rushed and unsatisfying.

  • A Society Sensation

    A Society Sensation


    An early pre-fame Valentino flick in which he plays a rather insipid 'hero' who repeatedly has to be rescued by Carmel Myers from death or beating. Any longer than 24 minutes and it would have been a drag.

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  • The Invisible Man Returns

    The Invisible Man Returns


    The Invisible Man Reappears would seem to be a more appropriate title but, as Claude Rains’ character failed to survive past the first movie’s end credits, a new character must relive his ordeal. Step forward a young Vincent Price, whose tones are even more distinctive than his predecessors, and who descends into madness with camp flamboyance. He’s supported by a decent cast that is led by Cedric Hardwicke and Cecil Kellaway, two thorns either side of the rosy Nan Grey,…

  • Streets of New York

    Streets of New York


    All traces of cuteness had vanished from Jackie Cooper by 1939, which is why he was labouring in the depths of Poverty Row at seventeen years of age. He's actually pretty good in a plotless bore of a movie that must have done his career no favours at all.