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  • Arizona Days

    Arizona Days


    Bob Custer plays a detective hired to find out who's rustling cattle down in Arizona in this energetic, lightweight western. Clean-cut Custer is outshone by bald-headed J. P. McGowan as the leader of the rustlers. Online prints seem to be missing 10 minutes of footage.

  • Sure-Locked Homes

    Sure-Locked Homes


    Strangely creepy Felix cartoon which sees him doing battle with clowns and oversize spiders. Didn't like it.

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  • Ecstasy



    A free-spirited young woman quickly grows tired of her stuffy older husband and begins an affair with a young engineer.

    A lyrical, near-silent Czech movie which is chiefly remembered for the fact that 19-year-old future Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr briefly gives her pups an airing before treating us to mainstream cinema's first fake orgasm. The sparse dialogue means the plot is easy to follow even without subtitles, and allows plenty of time to admire Director Gustav Machaty's confident direction.

  • Decision at Sundown

    Decision at Sundown


    An embittered man arrives in the town of Sundown to prevent the marriage of the local big man for reasons that aren't immediately apparent to anyone.

    Another typically solid Western from Randolph Scott, this is also a tense psychological thriller that never quite plays out the way you expect it to. Scott's character is a morally ambiguous one at times, and it's something of a surprise to realise that, had he not been such a stalwart Western hero he would…