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  • Sing



    Maybe it's my theatre background but I don't care what anybody says this movie is just adorable. It had heart, it had soul, no, it had soooo-ooohhh-eeeeeooooeee-oooouuuul!

    No, you shut up. Seriously, really great performances, awesome characters, great animation. The trailers undersold this movie as a cheezy reality show type flick but it's more than that.

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    I did not love Kong: Skull Island as a whole but loved moments. There were beautiful shots, amazing CG (truly), and tons of humor. But this movie lacked substance. Sure, it's a giant gorilla movie. I get that.

    But the early Kong films had this juxtaposition between man v monster that made one take pause and question who the real monster is. You could easily argue that this film has those moments but they are either too subtle or so…

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  • Terminus



    Fire in the Sky meets Field of Dreams meets Primer. A low budget sci-fi film with no-names and gets extremely cliched and yet still held it together.

    Mysterious, oyster-like life forms crash into earth. Federal Agents are more than interested but because it contains an apparent healing power. When local nobodies find a pod and realize its potential they also run into problems.

    Don't expect perfection here but do expect an earnest attempt on probably a shoe-string budget to tell…

  • Snowden



    I really feel like you should just watch Citizenfour. This film has fluff that just feels corny and insincere. Painting Snowden as this conservative, American hero, though perhaps based in some small truths, just doesn't sell the real story to me.

    The glamour shots of Snowden at the end of the film really were unnecessary and forced.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a great talent and I'm a big fan. But really, that voice. You're killing me. I don't care if you…