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  • Sing



    Maybe it's my theatre background but I don't care what anybody says this movie is just adorable. It had heart, it had soul, no, it had soooo-ooohhh-eeeeeooooeee-oooouuuul!

    No, you shut up. Seriously, really great performances, awesome characters, great animation. The trailers undersold this movie as a cheezy reality show type flick but it's more than that.

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    I did not love Kong: Skull Island as a whole but loved moments. There were beautiful shots, amazing CG (truly), and tons of humor. But this movie lacked substance. Sure, it's a giant gorilla movie. I get that.

    But the early Kong films had this juxtaposition between man v monster that made one take pause and question who the real monster is. You could easily argue that this film has those moments but they are either too subtle or so…

  • Sleepless



    An impossible balance between Serpico and John Wick, this movie tries too hard and falls flat, just like it's characters. Showed tons of promise but is reduced to a popcorn/hangover flick.

  • Monster Trucks

    Monster Trucks


    I was pretty excited about this silly idea of a movie. Turns out it's exactly the kind of hokey cheese you'd except so, maybe don't get so excited and you'll enjoy it more. Well, not you. But maybe your kid while you do the dishes or something.

    Also, there seems to be some sort of odd political statement between oil drilling and gas-guzzling, cute squid monsters who have the need for speed. What that message is though I have no idea.

  • The Discovery

    The Discovery


    Really interesting concept with a cast that sells it.

  • The Space Between Us

    The Space Between Us

    I really can't stand Asa Butterfield. I hated him in Ender's Game and I hate him in this. He has zero range, he just recites lines on the page with no real connection to character.

    Carla Gugino, Gary Oldman and Britt Robertson did a great job but when your lead is this weak the whole thing falls apart. Not that Asa was the only problem with this movie. The script and the direction were sub par.

  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures


    This is the story of the mathmeticians behind the early days of Nasa's space program.

    Make no mistake about it, this is a feel good movie. You know the type, you know where it's going, nice sharp focused shots, feel good moments, it strikes those emotional chords.

    But, just shut up and listen. This is real. Sure, the composition and lens choices are at times color by numbers. But the story this film is based on is riveting. The women,…

  • Split



    This movie just seemed so bizarre. James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy were wonderful but the script just seemed so cheesy, or maybe it was the rest of the actors that lowered the bar.

    That said, I went from not digging this movie to an "OH SHIT" moment in two seconds. Unfortunately I'm not sure that saves this film entirely but there you have it.

  • Why Him?

    Why Him?


    So, so, sooooooooooo dumb. Some funny bits but...maybe one hangover morning viewing's worth.

  • Underworld: Blood Wars

    Underworld: Blood Wars


    Just kill me now. But don't give me the hybrid blood to save me. Seriously. Just end me.

  • Brimstone



    Riveting and terrifying. Another fantastic frontier horror film.

  • Man Down

    Man Down


    This isn't a great film but it's a good one. A very unexpected story with a great cast. Sadly, it looks so low budget that it's hard to take seriously at first. But this film has a message that I think is an important reminder and I applaud it for that. And, perhaps it's hip to think of Shia as a weird experimental artist these days but he's still a very talented actor and delivers an incredible performance.