Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★½

Edgar Wright is increasingly becoming one of my favorite directors—a point that I cannot stress enough. All of my experiences with his films have been enjoyable, and this one is no different. The indie visual-style and dry humor of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World would be enough for me, but it goes farther by creating a story that engages the audience in a charmingly simple way. The cast and crew take this relatively simple concept and transcends it past the limitations and boundaries of “comic-book movies.” Everything in the film is designed to make the audience enjoy themselves and have a good time; it definitely never takes itself seriously, which is admirable and really plays a massive role in its success. This film in its entirety isn’t necessarily for everyone, per se, but it definitely tries its best to please everyone at some point throughout its runtime.

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