Oh no. I liked basically nothing about this. The Debra Messing meltdown and Home Alone poster were kinda funny. But otherwise...*crickets*

Based on Bros and what I've seen of his "Billy on the Street" show, if my sense of humor and Billy Eichner's were charted on a Venn Diagram, they would probably be two circles that don't touch. But I've liked plenty of other movies starring comedians I don't gel with, and Bros isn't one of them. I don't see what's to enjoy in:

- a comedy whose main fount of jokes is "unexpected celebrity cameo",
- a sex comedy this skittish about eroticism,
- a romantic comedy that's too narcissistic to be romantic,
- a loudly didactic but self-defeating message movie about the importance of "telling our stories / love is not love" that goes through the same motions as every other romantic comedy and seems desperate to prove itself on those terms,
- a screed on the importance of queer history that doesn't seem to have any meaningful interest in queer history beyond lip service (was the LGBTQ history museum supposed to be an awful joke or what?),
- a typical Apatow production, meaning "overlong and doesn't look like a real movie".

The only part that resonated was when Ts Madison snapped and wished there was an empty room in the museum where everyone would go to just shut the fuck up.

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