Tenet ★★★★½

The more I let go of the plot logistics, the better and better this gets. Tenet is a better example of dream logic in film than Inception. 

For those claiming that Tenet is too serious and cold, I don’t see it at all. The movie actually has a very playful and humorous tone a lot of the time. I think the problem is that we’ve been conditioned to see humour only in actual jokes, which I believe is an unfortunate symptom of the Marvel movie formula. But look at this movie. If you’re not laughing when John David Washington walks into the villain’s own dinner party and starts talking smack about banging his wife, then where is your sense of humour? If you didn’t get a kick out of Nolan scoring his car chase with a sample of a Travis Scott song.... idk. There’s a lot of laughs to be had here and the movie is a lot more playful than it’s given credit for.

Finally, the bromance between The Protagonist and Neil is one for the books. I feel safe in saying that Tenet deserves to be added to the official Dudes Rock cinematic universe alongside Miami Vice, Jaws, and the oodles of other movies where you just gotta appreciate cool guys being dudes.

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