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  • Mass



    Sundance Film #5:
    One of the most exhilaratingly painful watches in years, with the only other films coming close being Hereditary and Manchester by the Sea. Rarely do films feel this intimate yet vastly expansive. Contained but never constricted. An American epic that utilizes its singular location as a drawing board for a metaphorical United States in a way that hasn’t been done this well since 2015 with The Hateful Eight.

    An explosive, shocking film that does all of it…

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  • Speed



    This movie FUCKS.

  • Dr. T & the Women

    Dr. T & the Women


    One of the craziest, most bizarre, surrealist endings I have ever seen. 

    Honestly, as someone who has lived in Dallas for two decades and has been in a lot of the locations that the film was shot in, this is one of the craziest fucking things I’ve ever seen. A top contender for one of the most geriatric film ever made.

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  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    Sundance Film #2:
    Incredibly harrowing and emotionally powerful, Honey Boy may not be an easy watch but it is ultimately an incredibly rewarding one.

    Shia LaBeouf truly is unrecognizable in a performance that strikes the same (and maybe even a greater) cord as Allison Janney in I, Tonya.

    Honey Boy is a film I know is going to haunt me for a long while.


  • Joker



    TIFF Film #15:

    There will be blood

    The most disturbing film ever associated with the superhero genre. And one of the absolute best. A slow burn of character study, driven by a career-high performance by a haunting Joaquin Phoenix (holy fucking shit man), this is a fiery, thorny slingshot blast through hell.

    Some scenes have the weight and the power to shock, and hold audiences in rapt suspense beyond belief. There is a scene where if you could look around…