Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

I didn’t think it was that bad while I was watching it, but then that all collapsed by the film’s finale. The tonal shift in its final ten minutes from being a slasher film to featuring a bizarre action/Kung-fu scene complete with a Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill zoom shot made me lose my damn mind with laughter in the theatre.

In spite of the film’s forgettable quality, the ending, and Cary Elwes hilariously going up in flames, for better or worse, is something I will never ever forget.

Black goo is what possesses the killers. The fuck?? Am I missing something??

I could see what they were maybe trying to do here. Swapping out Jordan Peele’s critique of racism in America that was featured in Get Out with the equally timely critique of college rape culture. But Jordan Peele was infinitely sharper and more concise in his commentary than this Black Christmas is in a second of its entire running time.

One of the most bizarre and utterly baffling theatrical moviegoing experiences I have sat through in years.

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