American Honey

American Honey ★★★★★

American Honey is a mesmerizing and honest depiction of modern day America, this was absolutely phenomenal. While this film has a bloated 2hr 46min runtime, none of this feels wasted. The pacing is great in this film, did not feel its runtime. The acting especially by Sasha Lane is some of the best of the decade and should have received more recognition. Shia LaBeouf also was absolutely excellent too, one of if not his best performance to date. The cinematography is great as well, and the esthetic really suited this film. The writing is very naturalistic and allows the actors to bring some emotional baggage. The camera work is phenomenal. Like American, it is very free and handheld, and doesn't rely on steady cam, this might be to show off that we are following the characters shoes. One of the best films I've seen all summer, and that ending, wow!


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