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  • Napping Princess

    Napping Princess


    I really wasn't sure how I was gonna feel about them doing a modern Japanese remake of The NeverEnding Story but giving Atreyu a motorcycle and making Falkor into a giant mech were brilliant creative decisions, bravo.

  • In This Corner of the World

    In This Corner of the World


    Objectively, this is a really good and a really important film. Did I enjoy it? Sure, from time to time, though the romance that takes up much of the runtime never grabbed me nearly as much as the survival efforts in pre-bombing Japan. I have a lot of respect for this film and everything it does excellently, but I also don't have much desire to ever watch it again.

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  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    has some strong mystery thriller vibes, and is overall an enjoyable movie

    although to be fair, I could watch Anna Kendrick eat a bowl of cereal for two hours and not be disappointed

  • Unsane


    I got about half an hour into the movie but then the movie theater fire alarm went off and we were all escorted out of the theater and given a free pass to return another day but the movie left the theater the next day.

    So... good luck Sawyer, I guess?