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  • Harvey



    apparently richard kelly said he didn't even watch Harvey when he was making Donnie Darko. i guess the concept of a 6-foot tall rabbit is more common than i expected.


  • The Wages of Fear

    The Wages of Fear


    There's a general running joke about black & white films and driving, and how the actors never keep their eyes on the road. That doesn't usually bother me, but with this film, I was constantly screaming PLEASE WATCH THE ROAD ALKSJFLS. It's a masterclass in suspense.

    This would have been a 5-star film for me if it weren't for the random "romantic" subplot that served no ultimate purpose, and that stupid ending. The film is most impactful when it was playing with our anxieties, and everything else is just distant background noise.


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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Marvel movies always present me with a dilemma. For one, I never know how to rate these movies. To be honest, I don't even think most of these films are all that great, Infinity War included. However, one thing that keeps me watching them year after year is the special theater experience. Feeling a communal energy, laughing together at the jokes, experiencing a film with a hundred peopleβ€” I love it.

    I don't think Infinity War is a great film,…

  • Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    ugh there's really no point in me having kids now because my heart will never be as full as when i saw paddington carry one single orange at a time in the prison kitchen. i love a pure and polite cgi bear who's just doing his best!