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  • The Lion in Winter

    The Lion in Winter

    If you thought YOUR family Christmas gatherings were dysfunctional, just watch The Lion in Winter, or read a sampling of my favorite quotes:

    - "I'd hang you from the nipples, but you'd shock the children."
    - "A king? Because you put your ass on purple cushions?"
    - "Well, what shall we hang... the holly, or each other?"
    - "Oh Eleanor, you've brought me my tombstone! You spoil me!"
    - "I'm vilifying you for God's sakeβ€” pay attention!"

    Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn are a pairing made in heaven.

  • The Big Clock

    The Big Clock



    This poster tagline for The Big Clock isn’t an exaggeration. The plot is too wild for me to try to shortly summarize in this review, but the twists and turns of the story are just perfectly bizarre and delightful. A crazy ride, and I loved every second.


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  • Her



    One thing I didn’t pay much attention to through all my rewatches in the past 4 years is how this film opens and closes with Theodore’s letters. The first one being an impersonal, distant version of him, a letter disguised as a form of intimacy and connectionβ€” but it’s all fake. We grow even more apart in this world despite its crowds of people and vast cityscapes, and the longing for something real is so overwhelming. Theodore embodies this longing so deeply, but, by his last letter, the beautiful words he writes ring true because he’s lived them.

    Spike Jonze, please pay for my therapy bills.

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Marvel movies always present me with a dilemma. For one, I never know how to rate these movies. To be honest, I don't even think most of these films are all that great, Infinity War included. However, one thing that keeps me watching them year after year is the special theater experience. Feeling a communal energy, laughing together at the jokes, experiencing a film with a hundred peopleβ€” I love it.

    I don't think Infinity War is a great film,…