Giant ★★★½

My god, this film turned into an EVENT in my life. I cleared my entire afternoon just to watch it, and it still consumed 7 hours of my day just trying to get through its monstrous 3 hour and 20 minute runtime. But I did it, and here are my thoughts.

Shockingly bold for its time, Giant addresses themes of racism, masculinity, a woman's place in society, and familial drama. None of these themes are ever brushed over lightly— you clearly understand the film's intentions, and even when it got heavy-handed, I still found it commendable.

Looking at the runtime alone, the pacing issue is quite obvious, and the passage of time is very bumpy and awkward. It's even more uncomfortable when staring at the youthful faces of Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson dressed up in aging makeup and grey hair. Hearing Dennis Hopper call Liz "mama" despite only being 4 years her junior was hysterical, but I can't fault the film for trying. The overreaching arc of this story required the audience to extend their imagination to fully engross themselves in the sheer scale of the narrative.

This film has numerous problems, for sure, but I think I will always think back at it fondly. One scene specifically is quite memorable for me. Liz and Rock's reunion scene at the wedding was so tender, so touching, I loved it so much. Their relationship was complex, thorough, and fleshed out (unsurprising since, again, this film was over 3 hours holy shit).

It's not a perfect film, but I can't help but like it.