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  • 3 from Hell

    3 from Hell


    My Fathom events screening had a video intro from Rob Zombie, in which he admitted that he didn't think he'd ever do another one of these movies after he finished The Devil's Rejects, but that the characters just never left his head in the last 14 years. Of course, anyone paying attention not just to Zombie's career trajectory but also to the film industry in general during this time knows that this sequel is probably the only original(ish) film a…

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    Sort of detested this, but if we're going to turn every existing horror IP into Stranger Things I am looking forward to when this trend is really running out of steam and studios have to resort to forcing their Lifeforce and From Dusk Till Dawn and Possession reboots to feature preteen casts who learn that friendship is the most powerful bond of all. Fuck it, let's really get weird with it.

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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    it is VERY weird that all the movie studios have simultaneously locked in on adapting comics stories from the 90s, a time when publishers oversaturated the market with so many bad crossovers, temporary shock value character deaths, and foil-embossed variant covers that readers left in droves, marvel filed for bankruptcy, and the entire comics industry almost died. i'm sure it will work out better this time!!!

  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    Recreates a specific kind of 90s X-Men comic so faithfully that the movie suffers from not having come with a personal pan pizza