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  • Glass



    For better or worse, Glass is M Night Shyamalan ambitiously delivering on what is clearly a passion project. As evidenced by Shyamalan's personal financing of the film, it is apparent that this is him not wanting to compromise on his vision whatsoever. I must admit that in watching this immediately after rewatching Unbreakable I was struck by the drastic differences in aesthetic, as Glass bears more immediate visual similarity to it's other predecessor, Split. After becoming acclimatized to this difference,…

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    After years of being familiar with it's Simpsons counterpart, I have to say this familiarity actually improved my experience with this film to a degree. This honestly doesn't feel like a Scorsese film at all really, with the exception of his fast dolly zooms which draw attention to specific actions which really increase tension. Speaking of the way the film was made, I also loved the production design of the final setpiece; it has a really tangible feel to it…

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  • mother!



    One of those films where the praises and criticisms have equal standing. I found myself leaning more towards liking this quite a bit, even though it was a little too overt at times. The film is at it's best when telling it's narrative through visuals and it's excellent sound mix, which perfectly capture the anxiety and overwhelming stress of the events taking place. As the narrative escalates, there's a genuinely palpable sense of terror as things spiral rapidly out of…

  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler


    Mickey Rourke is just totally perfect in this, portraying a man who is passionate at heart and want to do good by everyone, but is completely driven towards his craft. It's the best combination of a physical performance with an emotional edge, as Rourke imbues the Ram with such a palpable sense of humanity and pathos. So much is communicated either in his line delivery or his posture alone, and once his arc comes full circle it feels heartbreaking, but…