Heat ★★★★★

Without question, this is Michael Mann's crowning glory. The most amazing thing about it is that it feels like every one of his films before has lead to this, from specific cast members, to the portrayal of Los Angeles as a character in its own right, to the perfect sound mixing which makes this the blockbuster that it is.

Once again, the film is paced and edited to such a sharp degree that it's 3 hour running time never feels slow, giving the perfect amount of time to develop both protagonists. The building tension in the relationship between Pacino and De Niro is a constant ebb and flow between calculated movement and explosive encounters, which comes to an incredibly moving finale. This is definitely among my favourite film endings, as it captures something specific about the human experience that defies social boundaries and experiences.

A genuine classic wherein Mann takes the idea of the professional outsider from his previous films, and demonstrates the universality of such a concept. Amongst this deeply moving narrative, the action is genuinely spectacular; my home speakers have never sounded better.

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