Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★½

I guess the most remarkable thing about Men in Black International is it's seeming lack of remarkableness. There's nothing absolutely egregious about it's execution, nor does it really strive for anything totally out of the box to make it marginally memorable. It feels totally suitable to give it as neutral a score as I have; glossy, slick delivery and all, it all largely feels like Beige: the motion picture. Is it worth getting into a fuss about? Not really, I suppose.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have had great chemistry in the past, but feel oddly reigned in. It doesn't help that the film has BOTH a fish out of water character and an amnesic character as our two leads, which made it incredibly hard to establish any kind of level footing within the world. If there wasn't a previous trilogy to launch off of, I feel like a lot of the world would feel super vague. I also didn't get a great sense of either character's drives as I did with previous entries, increasing my alienation. There are a few action scenes which are executed with some charm and fun, particularly the sequence wherein more and more weapons are pulled out of seemingly innocuous vehicle parts. I also thought that F. Gary Gray directed the film with enough skill to keep everything afloat.

There's not much more else to say. It's totally inoffensive, and seemed gone from my mind as soon as I'd seen it.

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