Ronin ★★★★

The story might be a little dry at times, and the ever-present closeups can be deeply uncomfortable, but it's all worth it for the incredible car chase in this film. I really like the idea of modern-day mercenaries as Ronin, we don't need to know their pasts to know that they are disconnecting from the outside world and are thus up for anything. In this sense the film plays out in a bottle, almost like this is one of many missions for these people.

I love how dated the cars and guns have become in this film, as they speed through crowded streets in BMWs that were once the newest and coolest cars available. The fact that they are now pretty old and accessible cars gives the film a more tactile nature now that we're years removed. The gunplay is equally enjoyable, simply from the fact that these guns aren't shown in film much anymore as the best available. The shootouts are messy, and play out with the appropriate tension that's heightened as a result of it's place in time.

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