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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My take on Tarantino #9. Basically, the film is the stunt guy’s fantasy; he takes out the villains, beats Bruce Lee in a fight, looks good, gets away with murder more than once, sort of gets the girl, scares the scariest family in America and gets to be played by Brad Pitt, without once bursting into tears, having inner demons, angst or misgivings about his life...of course none of this is true....Once Upon A Time indeed. A great film, but still only the Third best once upon a time after ‘America’ and ‘The West’

  • The Day After

    The Day After


    One of the great TV Movies with some genuinely effective moments

  • On the Beat

    On the Beat


    The usual infantile Pitkin character study is saved by a chase sequence, which does not quite reach the heights of Keaton and Keystone, but is not a bad attempt for an early 60s Britflick. The plot seems to be vaguely like one I have seen with Peter Sellers as a criminal masquerading as a fashion designer; here Wisdom plays a camp Italian hairdresser, enough said.

  • The Olive Tree

    The Olive Tree


    I went to see this film last night expecting elements of Ken Loach's work given the screenwriter's credentials (long-time Loach collaborator, Paul Laverty). However, I was reminded most of the work of Bill Forsyth (particularly, Local Hero) in both it's lack of cynicism and it's not dark yet cinematography (much of the film has the same lighting as the final 30 minutes of Gregory's Girl).

    Also, congratulations to Hull Independent Cinema for bringing films like this to the UK's City of Culture in 2017