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  • Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon


    I can't wait for the "Die Hard is a Christmas movie!" crowd to discover that Lethal Weapon also takes place at Christmas and to become entirely insufferable about that film too.

  • The White King

    The White King


    Unlike other films about dystopian societies living under the rule of a dictatorship, The White King isn't about someone topping the regime and freeing the people. It's a much more low-key affair, telling the story of a boy, Djada, as he lives his life on the bottom rung of this society where his father is labeled a traitor and taken away and his mother is an 'undesirable'. Spoiler: he doesn't topple the regime, but that doesn't make the story any…

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  • Whiplash



    If you were to draw a venn diagram of three of my favourite films — Rocky, Full Metal Jacket and The Social Network — right in the middle you’d find Whiplash. In the same way that Jaws isn’t really a film about a shark, this isn’t really a film about drumming. It’s a film about obsession. It’s a film about drive and being driven. It’s a film about sacrifice.

    There’s so much to like about this film. The performances from…

  • Skyfall



    If Casino Royale was a post-Bourne Bond, then Skyfall is most certainly a post-Tinker Tailor Bond. For a modern blockbuster, the pace is positively glacial, and for the first time in years, we see Bond engage in actual spycraft. This is a welcome relief to the exhausting parkour and shooting that so dominated the previous films.

    What's not so welcome, though, is the fact that Sam Mendes has delivered an origin story not for the modern, 21st century Bond, but…