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  • The Holiday

    The Holiday


    Most of my memories of watching this film are of shouting at the stupid plot device given to Jude Law’s character to make him more sympathetic. YOU HAVEN’T BEEN HOME IN THREE DAYS JUDE LAW, WHO IS TAKING CARE OF YOUR KIDS?

    I suppose this is largely true of all Christmas films but it’s hard not to look at this film and think there’s nothing actually Christmassy about it. It could be set in the middle of July for all…

  • Kamerdyner



    This is an absolutely gorgeous-looking film that tells a very Polish story I'm not really familiar with, with the territorial issues between Germany, Poland and the Kashugians. I'm also mostly familiar with Western war films where a card will flash the year 1945 and suddenly everyone's happy because "yay the war is over!" I never really pieced it all together that for countries like Poland, it was very much a case of "yay the war is over ah shit here…

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  • Whiplash



    If you were to draw a venn diagram of three of my favourite films — Rocky, Full Metal Jacket and The Social Network — right in the middle you’d find Whiplash. In the same way that Jaws isn’t really a film about a shark, this isn’t really a film about drumming. It’s a film about obsession. It’s a film about drive and being driven. It’s a film about sacrifice.

    There’s so much to like about this film. The performances from…

  • Skyfall



    If Casino Royale was a post-Bourne Bond, then Skyfall is most certainly a post-Tinker Tailor Bond. For a modern blockbuster, the pace is positively glacial, and for the first time in years, we see Bond engage in actual spycraft. This is a welcome relief to the exhausting parkour and shooting that so dominated the previous films.

    What's not so welcome, though, is the fact that Sam Mendes has delivered an origin story not for the modern, 21st century Bond, but…