6 Underground ★★

There was a memorable moment where Charlie Kaufman appeared on Mark Kermode’s radio show to talk about Anomalisa and went on to describe that stop-motion film as “a series of still images that gives the illusion of movement”. Nice one, Charlie.

That’s the phrase that kept going through my head as I watched 6 Underground. This film is a series of shots that gives the illusion of being a film. Screw Pain and Gain, THIS is Michael Bay at his most experimental. This is what happens when the flashiest director working today is no longer bound by physics or linear time. The film jumps around in time and space even in a single scene. And, in a massive middle finger to his critics, there’s even a moment where a day-glo sports car (Bay) engages in a high speed chase through an Italian art gallery smashing all the fine art (traditional moviemaking). All the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Nice one, Michael.

How much you’ll enjoy this film really depends on how high your tolerance is for Michael Bay’s schtick. Personally, mine is pretty high but even still, I found this one to be a real slog.