Escape from New York ★★★½

There are three really great things about this film. First, the premise is amazing. I'd say it has yet to be beaten. Turn it into a 24-style Netflix series, where we can wallow and bask in this world and really soak it in.

Second is Romero, the elflike right-hand man of the Duke (The Rewatchables described him as 'crackhead Steve Buscemi' and that's pretty perfect). He stole every scene he was in with his bonkers acting choices. He was more interesting to me than the Duke.

The final really great thing about this film is Kurt Russell's hair. I mean, it's never not been great, but I think this was its high point in films.

The ONE problem I had with this film was that on this rewatch (having not watched it in about 15 years), I could really feel the lack of actual New York. The film was shot in St Louis, so anything you see that's identifiably New York is usually in the form of a matte painting. Which, especially in HD, gives shots an otherworldly feel which sort of works in its favour, but overall leaves the film feeling like it could have been called "Escape from Anytown, USA" and it would work just as well.