Marriage Story ★★★

If you're looking at the three stars I'm giving this film, I just want to make it very clear up front that those are for the performances alone. Adam Driver is holy shit, jaw on the floor incredible in this film and Merritt Wever stole every scene she popped up in.

I'm mentioning this at the start of my review because I absolutely abhorred everything else about this film. Sure, this is partly because of the fact that I'm married and have two kids and I would absolutely lose my mind if anything happened to either my marriage or to my relationship with my kids and so all the scenes with Laura Dern and Ray Liotta made me uncomfortably tense.

But mostly I abhorred the film because of the situation behind it - a quote-unquote "semi-autobiographical film" about Baumbach's own divorce, where the wife is given the asshole edit felt incredibly wrong and digusting. It even has an extra meta-disgusting level where, in the film, Scarlett Johansson's character complains that sometimes the things she would say in private would end up in Adam Driver's character's stories, which is something I could imagine Jennifer Jason Leigh complained about and here is he including this complaint in this film?

Eugh. Fuck this guy.