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I had this whole thing written about how Ocean's Thirteen sometimes gets so ridiculous that it almost turns into a full-on sci-fi film but it doesn't matter, because you don't watch this film for the plot mechanics, you watch it because it's a world you want to visit and these are characters you want to spend time with.

But those are just generic sentences that could apply to basically any film and don't really cover how I feel about this particular film.

So here's the actual thoughts I had when this film finished, and you can laugh at them if you want: I spend a whole lot of time thinking about oblivion and annihilation. And I think that if the human race was to be wiped out tomorrow and, for some reason, the only film some future civilization could recover from us was Ocean's Thirteen then maybe that wouldn't be so bad because this film shows us at our absolute best - cool, funny, moral and, of course, handsome as fuck.

There are very few films I can say that about.