Uncut Gems ★★★

If I’d written this immediately after watching the film , I think I would have mostly had negative things to say. I’d talk about how I couldn’t find any way into the film. Not a single character felt like they gave me an entry point. Wall to wall unrelateable assholes. And the score didn’t help, feeling like it was so distracting and separate to the film as to be an additional alienating factor.

But it’s been a while since I’ve seen the film and I’ve had time to process it and I can say that, yes, all of the above things are true. I spent most of the film waiting to engage with it, or for it to engage with me. But I realise that the film was making me tense from the first scene, and I spent the most of the film gradually getting more and more tense. So that when the ending comes, I actually felt a release. This tension went away. This was an entirely unconscious reaction to the film. A film, like I said, I felt completely outside of.

If the film was this effective for me, I can only imagine how well it worked for the people who genuinely engaged with the film.

I’m actually jealous.