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  • Tenement



    Tenement is an unrelentingly nasty piece of scuzz from director Roberta Findlay. This flick about apartment tenants fighting for their lives against murderous hoodlums is kind of like an old school grungy Abel Ferrara joint without the Catholic guilt complex. In it's place is pure malice. It actually features Paul Calderon from King Of New York and The Addiction in a prominent role as one of the baddies and he nails it. Unapologetically harsh, the film ratchets up the tension…

  • All Over Me

    All Over Me


    Sometimes a movie works simply because it has a good heart, even when it fails to impress otherwise. This is Alex Sichel's moody but earnest 1997 feature All Over Me in many ways. The film follows the coming of age of a gay teenager in love with a troubled friend who sullenly carries on with a threatening meathead. It is pretty basic on a script level and, while it's not ugly, the only notable aesthetic pleasure it offers is it's…

Popular reviews

  • Frownland



    Frownland is more than just the most nerve wracking study of social anxiety ever committed to celluloid, it's nothing less than a massively disorienting schizophrenic shriek from the bowels of some powerfully dissonant, fobiddingly bleary and inescabably banal hellscape of the mind. Packaged in the guise of another New York story about a deeply troubled, underemployed loser, it's also a structurally innovative and insidious descent into madness that, while consistently jarring, is far too immersive to call attention to it's…

  • The Moustache

    The Moustache


    A man shaves off his facial hair but his partner refuses to acknowledge that it ever existed in the first place. Things grow increasingly confusing from there. The plot of La Moustache sounds silly but Emmanuel Carrère's film is much more fulfilling and peculiar than the shaggy dog story at it's core. There are subtle Lynchian dimensions to this tale of a man forced to go with the flow as his reality shifts around him. Phillip Glass compositions bubble up…