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  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void


    Director and self-proclaimed atheist Gaspar Noe's lurid spiritual epic without God is easily one of the most psychedelic narrative features ever produced. There's plenty to ruminate on here, regardless of your own personal belief system. Heavily borrowing broad surface concepts from The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, the story follows a young white guy with a drug habit in Tokyo as he dies and proceeds to check in on the lives of his close friends. He also relives some very…

  • Five Corners

    Five Corners


    A violent con gets out of jail and proceeds to track down the woman he's obsessed in this weird slice of life from director Tony Bill and screenwriter John Patrick Shanley. The scene is 1964 in The Bronx and the civil rights movement is on television in the background. There are also sneaky elevator rides, stolen penguins and bow and arrow murders in the street.

    The dark story that takes center stage is probably meant to be balanced out by…

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  • Night of the Demon

    Night of the Demon


    Deep in the murky forest where the crotch shredding creature is king, through the slow motion sound of electronic squiggles comes the roar of the beast when he sings. Night Of The Demon. Popular pseudoscience gets real in a grime caked sasquatch fever dream.

  • Frownland



    Frownland is more than just the most nerve wracking study of social anxiety ever committed to celluloid, it's nothing less than a massively disorienting schizophrenic shriek from the bowels of some powerfully dissonant, fobiddingly bleary and inescabably banal hellscape of the mind. Packaged in the guise of another New York story about a deeply troubled, underemployed loser, it's also a structurally innovative and insidious descent into madness that, while consistently jarring, is far too immersive to call attention to it's…