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  • Bad Fever

    Bad Fever


    Dustin Guy Defa's bleak but sometimes funny Bad Fever details the downwardly mobile fortunes of a stand up comic so introverted and awkward he can barely speak. His name is Eddie Coppersmith and multi-hyphenate indie guy Kentucky Audley curdles his often sheepish charm underneath a damp mop of greasy hair and mumbles his way through a deliberately mannered performance that alienates to purposeful effect. Despite the protagonist's personality deficits he manages to find a gritty love interest of sorts in…

  • Guest of Honour

    Guest of Honour


    Guest Of Honour revolves around an aging restaurant inspector and his daughter, a woman who served jail time for a crime she didn't commit. How this story fills in the details and resolves itself provides plenty of Atom Egoyan's trademark puzzlebox mystery as the pieces and timelines are shuffled about in a tantalizing and sinuous way. Not many artists are this capable when it comes to arranging such potentially confusing elements into a coherent whole and that's the chief pleasure…

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  • Frownland



    Frownland is more than just the most nerve wracking study of social anxiety ever committed to celluloid, it's nothing less than a massively disorienting schizophrenic shriek from the bowels of some powerfully dissonant, fobiddingly bleary and inescabably banal hellscape of the mind. Packaged in the guise of another New York story about a deeply troubled, underemployed loser, it's also a structurally innovative and insidious descent into madness that, while consistently jarring, is far too immersive to call attention to it's…

  • The Moustache

    The Moustache


    A man shaves off his facial hair but his partner refuses to acknowledge that it ever existed in the first place. Things grow increasingly confusing from there. The plot of La Moustache sounds silly but Emmanuel Carrère's film is much more fulfilling and peculiar than the shaggy dog story at it's core. There are subtle Lynchian dimensions to this tale of a man forced to go with the flow as his reality shifts around him. Phillip Glass compositions bubble up…