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  • Person to Person

    Person to Person


    A tabloid reporter with a metal band, a no nonsense record collector and a prematurely jaded high school girl are among the more prominent characters whose fortunes are woven into the agreeably low stakes tapestry of Person To Person. It's a modest film of subtle analog pleasures and, in a refreshing change of pace, the stories in this unfairly neglected multi-strand narrative compliment each other without overlapping. Character actors like Michael Cera and Phill Baker Hall chase ambulances and repair…

  • Double Down

    Double Down


    A zenlike calm presides while a super hacker who sleeps in his car drives around the desert eating tuna straight from the can, carving microchips out of his arm and talking to ghosts. It's tangled web of cyber conspiracies is more than a bit incoherent despite all the stock footage and voiceover used to paste it together but this thing has the kind of vision that handily transcends logic. If Terrence Malick were tasked with adapting the diaries of a…

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  • Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

    Death Wish 4: The Crackdown


    Death Wish IV: The Crackdown finds Paul Kersey taking on the drug cartels in Los Angeles after his girlfriend's daughter overdoses. That man is incredibly stolid in the case of such bad luck but he should probably warn his loved ones of their diminished chances when he's around. Blindly racing past the exposition in an absurd fury, it's almost as deliriously silly as the awesome third installment and more entertaining than the first two. In one offensively violent sequence he…

  • Parents



    A broadly caricatured vision of the 1950s serves as the backdrop for Bob Balaban's Parents, the story of a child who begins to suspect his folks' excessively carnivorous dining habits are even more sinister than they appear. Randy Quaid plays the father, who specializes in chemical weapons, and he is so dialed into the off-kilter mood he makes the most jovial of greetings seem menacing. Mary Beth Hurt is the mother who can't hide the empathetic heart beneath her chilly…