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  • White of the Eye

    White of the Eye


    Primal violence threatens to push things beyond the breaking point while a killer haunts the surrounding desert and intimations of magic dance around the fringes of Donald Cammell's evocative and sometimes unhinged American giallo. White of The Eye utilizes a time hopping structure to detail the seductive swagger and extramarital exploits of David Keith's charasmatic human tuning fork and his Arizona stereo business while a terrific Cathy Moriarty grounds this elemental psychodrama as his increasingly estranged partner. There's a love…

  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Abel Ferrara tackles cyberpunk lit and serves up a fractured but elliptical dosage of cough syrup noir that exudes a florid sense of sophistication and smarm. The plot concerns a soured business transaction centered around tech intelligence that sends a very cool Willem Dafoe on the lam after his partner, played by an exceedingly sleazy and madly gesticulating Christopher Walken, is knocked off. A foxy Asia Argento mimes potentially duplicitous femme fatale moves as she slinks around the periphery. This…

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  • Frownland



    Frownland is more than just the most nerve wracking study of social anxiety ever committed to celluloid, it's nothing less than a massively disorienting schizophrenic shriek from the bowels of some powerfully dissonant, disturbingly familiar and fobiddingly bleary limbo. Packaged in the guise of another New York story about a deeply troubled, underemployed loser, it's also a structurally innovative and insidious descent into madness that, while consistently jarring, is far too immersive to call attention to it's formidable narrative ruptures…

  • Night of the Demon

    Night of the Demon


    Deep in the murky forest where the crotch shredding creature is king, through the slow motion sound of electronic squiggles comes the roar of the beast when he sings. Night Of The Demon. Popular pseudoscience gets real in a grime caked sasquatch fever dream.