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  • The Comedy

    The Comedy


    This caustic character study is almost certainly called The Comedy because the moneyed lead's extreme alienation manifests in his abrasive inability to take anything or anyone seriously. This is a guy who takes odd jobs as an ironic joke and antagonizes male nurses, minorities, women or cab drivers whenever he can. As a result, the button pushing, which generally unfolds without commentary, is likely to drive most people up the wall and make the film an acquired taste. There are,…

  • Seeds



    Bilious from the beginning and vitriolic to the core, once Andy Milligan's utterly misanthropic family reunion disasterpiece Seeds gets going it's the alarming cinematic equivilant of a loud, abusive, half mad pervert grabbing you by the shoulders and violently shaking you around for the rest of the film's brief but jam-packed running time. It's that good!

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  • Night of the Demon

    Night of the Demon


    Deep in the murky forest where the crotch shredding creature is king, through the slow motion sound of electronic squiggles comes the roar of the beast when he sings. Night Of The Demon. Popular pseudoscience gets real in a grime caked sasquatch fever dream.

  • Antibirth



    Antibirth would probably feel like one long, crude joke if it weren't for Natasha Lyonne's fiercely unsympathetic central performance as a chronic substance abuser saddled with a mysterious unwanted pregnancy after one blackout too many. It's easily my favorite performance of hers alongside her equally punchy work in the unsung classic that is Feeway II: Confessions Of A Trickbaby.

    This is not to say Animal Collective collaborator Danny Perez's bad dream of a feature debut (unless you count the A.C.…