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  • Parting Glances

    Parting Glances


    Bill Sherwood's Parting Glances is the moving and funny story of a queer love triangle involving a couple gearing up to spend some significant time apart and their sardonic friend, a musician who is dying of AIDS. It's a film that was a bit ahead of it's time and quite impressive in the way it handled a really hot topic in an intimate and nuanced way. An extremely charasmatic Steve Buscemi steals all his scenes as the ailing wiseass New…

  • Wounds



    Babak Anvari's Wounds tells the story of a shallow man. He's a handsome charmer who tends bar while he drifts aimlessly, not interested in anything more than the next drink or empty flirtation. One night some teenagers leaves a cellphone in his establishment after witnessing a violent altercation. When our slightly soused slacker picks it up he soon finds himself haunted by mysterious occult forces. It's not much of a plot but this is a darkly beautiful slow burn chiller…

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  • Frownland



    Frownland is more than just the most nerve wracking study of social anxiety ever committed to celluloid, it's nothing less than a massively disorienting schizophrenic shriek from the bowels of some powerfully dissonant, fobiddingly bleary and inescabably banal hellscape of the mind. Packaged in the guise of another New York story about a deeply troubled, underemployed loser, it's also a structurally innovative and insidious descent into madness that, while consistently jarring, is far too immersive to call attention to it's…

  • Night of the Demon

    Night of the Demon


    Deep in the murky forest where the crotch shredding creature is king, through the slow motion sound of electronic squiggles comes the roar of the beast when he sings. Night Of The Demon. Popular pseudoscience gets real in a grime caked sasquatch fever dream.