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  • Singin' in the Rain
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
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  • The Merchant of Venice


  • Our Brand Is Crisis


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  • The Merchant of Venice

    The Merchant of Venice


    Had never read or seen the play before and was only vaguely aware of the controversy surrounding Shylock’s depiction as a caricature of the Jewish People.

    Perhaps it is in the interpretation, but Al Pacino brings a lot of humanity to this. Shylock definitely reads as a tragic figure and not a caricature. I feel like everyone else reads pretty monstrously here.

    Watching this today is a reminder of how glibly a court can strip away the rights of a minority. Shame on a Supreme Court who takes rights away.

    Also recently got back from Venice, and could have used more of its local beauty.

  • Our Brand Is Crisis

    Our Brand Is Crisis


    Let me be clear - this is not a good movie. 

    However, it’s a comfort food/chicken noodle soup movie that I will flip on or watch if it’s on…

    Because apparently, comfort food for me is reflecting on the evils of American imperialism post-WWII:

    🇮🇷 Iran - 1953
    🇬🇹 Guatemala - 1954
    🇨🇩 Congo - 1960’s 
    🇨🇱 Chile - 1973
    🇻🇳 Vietnam - 1960 to 1975
    🇭🇹 Haiti - 1991
    🇦🇫 Afghanistan - 2001
    🇮🇶 Iraq - 2003

    Ending is…

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