Luxo Jr. ★★★★

Luxo Jr, I had quite a few memories with this from early teen years in the middle 80s to older middle age years right now for me. Luxo  Jr was released on August 17 1986 and during that time I was with a older friend to a film festival in 1986 which was the first year I started high school. Back then I said it was a wonderful short and a impoverishment over Pixar first short. Now I still agree That it was a improvement from the first Short but not a 5 out of a 5. The pros and cons with Luxo Jr the animation is more clean and more worked on then André and Walle bee but still a little bit outdated. The start to end of this short is great and fast paced but rushed at the middle. The two lamps Were simple traits but cute and understood. The ending is funny and leaves off a good joke. I hope that this would led up to a short film sequel of Luxo Jr of the father lamp being the grandfather lamp, Luxo Jr could be the father of Luxo sr jr.. Luxo Jr is a very good short was a little bit of bad animation, rushed story. I will give Luxo Jr a B+ and a 80%. I remembered watching This short before Toy Story two in the screening. I seen this quite a few times before. 
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