Nobody ★★★½

I love John Wick and the new breed of action film it has spawned, but this sticks so closely to that model that it didn't really hold many surprises for me save the main ingredient change of Bob Odenkirk's hangdog faced "auditor".
He's clearly worked like fuck getting into shape though and is a joy to watch kicking the shit out of guys twice his size, even if it did stretch credulity a wee bit in the beginning. Once it had established its lighter tone though, and you see the amazing choreography on display I was all for it.
That's the big difference here I guess. The comedy. Whereas John Wick is a relatively reluctant and po faced killing machine, Odenkirk's Hutch is itching to get back into the mix and, along with his dad gleefully seek out as much carnage as they can create. It makes for some very funny scenes but at no point did I feel any sense of threat for anyone involved.
Fun for a Saturday nights viewing and I'd definitely watch a sequel but it makes me wonder how long it will take before the bottom falls out of this kind of film with the likes of Gunpowder Milkshake and Kate doing the same schtick.

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