Johnny Bishop

I refuse to join any cult that would have me as their president, let alone as a member.

Favorite films

  • Midnight Run
  • The Fly
  • Over the Edge
  • The Sure Thing

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  • Angel


  • Avenging Angel

  • Greaser's Palace


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  • Funland



    R.I.P. David Leonard Landau, aka David L. Lander (June 22, 1947 – December 4, 2020)

    Leonard Maltin may consider FUNLAND a bomb, but having endured Mad Foxes, Sorority House Massacre and Where the Boys Are '84 in quick succession and also by descending order of quality, I was in need of some unlikely relief. So Georgia-based director Michael A. Simpson, the man who helped turned transgender slasher touchstone Sleepaway Camp into a franchise, you caught me smiling. Even more unexpectedly,…

  • Hobgoblins


    "People and Robots Who've Had to Watch the Movie Hobgoblins Crisis Hotline. Hell-lo!"

    "Good day, Cameron Crow, My name is Johnny Bishop, 36, and I watched the movie Hobgoblins very recently. I think I'm experiencing some post-traumatic side effects."

    "Do tell, Johnny. Have you feeling to urge to pick fish or wear red shorts in public?"

    "I wish. Actually, I spend the last two nights in a grueling state of insomnia, am worried that I am coming down with Coronavirus…

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  • A Rage in Harlem

    A Rage in Harlem


    "If anybody can raise the dead and make 'em pay their rent, it's you."

    It's a shame Bill Duke was trying to fight the comedic potential of his big screen directorial debut (1984's The Killing Floor was made for PBS), which takes off on the novel by Chester Himes, but thankfully the humor wins out. Something about the way Forest Whitaker, as straitlaced morgue attendant Jackson, cries "Philistines!" to his decadent co-workers makes me chuckle every time, and Robin Givens…

  • St. Elmo's Fire

    St. Elmo's Fire

    There were three instances in 1985 where Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert thrashed St. Elmo's Fire: first in their initial review, secondly as part of the "worst of the summer of 1985" roundup and finally during their proper year-end worst special. There have been scathing putdowns from David Denby, Walter Chaw and the Slant Magazine stable. You don't need Todd in the Shadows to tell you it works much better as a theme song than a movie, but he made a…