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  • Barbie



    GRETA helping WARNER BROS back to the top
    plus writing an undeniably cool apology letter for MATTEL 

    My quick thoughts are..

    Yes, this is much more than a promotional movie about a product. They are such smart bastards these Suit People.. Hiring brilliant artists like Greta and Noah...

    Is far away to be predictable and fun in so many ways..

    I thought that Barbie 33 years old and Ken 42 years old such a great casting after all, they’re lovable,…

  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


    Talking about the American Constitution for kids and dreamers... 
    It seems too good to be truth but this is pure cinematic revolution and yes, it is so good!

    Luckily I watched It’s a Wonderful Life and I know Frank Capra is not from this planet. The way his characters talk and how the situations are unfolded on his films, it’s all unique, even annoying some times, it’s such a different universe, with elevated ethics and hopes for a better world!…

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  • La Ricotta

    La Ricotta


    Orson Welles and Pier Paolo Pasolini 

    This short is something else, so daring, experimental, necessary… To watch Orson Welles playing a communist filmmaker is something unexplainable, trippy… Complex…

    —And he speaks Italian! Ha! Epic.

    Film- youtu.be/Oz8tOMYGWWo

    Just Orson-  youtu.be/j_od3BxJ2W0

  • Ennio



    Celebrating the maestro
    Oh Ennio! Rest in peace, old friend. 
    We appreciate you so much. 
    Your music. 
    It’s art, it’s transcendental, it’s CINEMA, It’s nothing less than this — Sir, you freaking changed the world!

    Who would guess that horse riding with guitars would be just the beginning…
    Nothing could stop you, Ennio.
    They judged your poetry, criticized your methods, and your tones, but you never stopped, here and there, bells, noises, trumpets, … Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky, let’s…

Popular reviews

  • Glass Onion

    Glass Onion


    Entertainment for smart people
    Bodies Bodies Bodies for grownups 

    —What a brilliant screenplay.
    The references, the multiple details, from the paintings to the glass sculptures, everything here is above the expectations and delivers a joyful ride.

    Maybe better than its predecessor.

    There’s a thin line between the fictitious rich guy and the billionaires puppets from real world.

    I think Elon Musk and its generic colleagues are all imbeciles and why not… Murders! (!) Yes, I said it! 

    Netflix and Chill — in its glorious shape.

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Not even Jesus escaped the power of the dog

    What a warning. 
    What a fantastic visual spectacle. 

    The way the narrative flows is unbelievable; So elegant and smart. It can be very subjective but it manages to be factual, constant. The brilliant soundtrack tells us another story as we go falling for editing tricks and the most profane thoughts. 

    What did you see after all?
    —A barking dog or just a hill?

    Careful with what you reflect to the world...