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  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    EDIT2: Hello! I have started a patreon www.patreon.com/johnnyclydeart

    Where I am working on my new feature film, Bitterroot.


    I'm sad to say this film has been rejected from every festival I've tried so far. Today I got a rejection letter from the one festival I held out the most hope for. I'm pretty depressed about it but what can be done? There's still a good few waiting for a decision, but I have lost hope unfortunately. Now more than…

  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    Thank you everyone for all the support on this film! It's been a really wonderful journey thanks to everyone in this community.

    I've decided to release the film (Finally) for free online to the public. So here are two links you can watch it on.


    the soundtrack, also free:

    And a feature-length documentary about the making of this film:

    I'm currently looking into physical releases for the movie. I've made ten copies of the film on…