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  • Blow-Up



    Was looking forward to this widely loved movie, but allegories and metaphors and deeper meanings aside, it's just another movie about an arrogant privileged white guy using his environment and women to try and cure his narcissistic boredom. The only plus for me was the actual filmmaking. The sound and pacing were great.

  • The Traveler's Longing to Pray

    The Traveler's Longing to Pray


    I am stunned.
    I don't rate short films usually, I don't rate films by filmmakers I have any connection to, this film genuinely deserves it and much more.
    Ten seconds in and I was free falling.
    Truly one of the greatest short films I have ever seen, I didn't want it to end.

    The sound design, the editing, the pacing, everything marvelous. The repeated shots feel like memories that linger and won't go away even if they fade.

    I watched…

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  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    Well it's finally about finished. I watched it for the first time myself last night and I don't know what to think. It's unlike any film I've ever seen, and I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I've been too close to it for too long and can't really see it anymore, it's just a fragmented dreamy mess. Though it is completely coherent and linear, it doesn't feel physical, like something real. I can't explain it.

  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    I'm sad to say this film has been rejected from every festival I've tried so far. Today I got a rejection letter from the one festival I held out the most hope for. I'm pretty depressed about it but what can be done? There's still a good few waiting for a decision, but I have lost hope unfortunately. Now more than ever I truly appreciate all the kind words written about this film on this site, it really literally means…