Adam ★★★½

This really, really got to me. Both in good and bad ways. There was also a casual use of the R word in here early on and considering what the movie is about, as someone who’s autistic, that was a hard groan (and affected the score).

Also, Peter Gallagher excited me initially. He’s the best TV dad of all time - Sandy Cohen for life! But by the end, his character is such a massive, massive asshole. And that saddened me because you otherwise can’t see him as the best fictional father ever.

One day, I may rewatch it and give a proper review of it to reflect why it got to me. But basically, romance... love is complicated. But when autistic? It’s harder. A lot, lot harder. And although there are elements are exaggerated (or feel exaggerated to the point of uncomfortableness), there are parts of it that feel very real. That in a way was partly why it got to me.