Columbus ★★★★★

Here’s something you should know about me.

I love the band Hammock. I don’t just mean love. I mean ‘love’ love.

Every few months, even though I am so insanely in love with them already, I’ll find a Hammock song to obsess over I’ve never heard of before until then (on top of a playlist of a dozen songs that’s nearly two hours at this point or their work on Far Cry 5). My more recent obsession was a song from the soundtrack of this film.

I’ve loved Hammock since first randomly hearing Then The Quiet Explosion six years ago when I was reflecting on a memory from a year earlier at a party that was at the time melancholy (but now look back on with fondness, silliness and stupidity).

From there, that feeling of listening to one or two songs from them and thinking ‘hey, they seem cool’ to actually being one of my top three favourite bands, they are genuinely incredible.

I don’t love a whole lot, to be frankly honest. I’ll like things and people (romantically and non-romantically). But love as a concept to me is very hard to process thanks to some shit both as a child and as an adult.

But to get me to love something or someone, you or it has to be very special. Hammock are one of the very few rare things I ‘love’ love that is in my life that I know and enjoy.

But to tie it into this, considering I bought this because Hammock scored it, you don’t hear a whole lot of it in the film.

But even then, Columbus was still wonderful. John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson have a wonderful chemistry in this. Brilliant architecture. Some great cinematography at times. And weirdly cosy for what it was.

Highly recommended.

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