Dunkirk ★★★★½


Saw this one four times in theaters when it came out - one of those in IMAX, and I'm so glad I did.

The film is shot beautifully by Hoyet Van Hoytema both on land and on sea, but especially in the air. The smooth twists of the horizon line and movement of the planes make for a super engaging visual experience.

The sound is also insane. Whether it's the ticking of the clock playing on and off throughout, or the low rumble of the plane engines, or the explosions and gunfire, the sound is running on all cylinders here.

What I really love about the film is the way Nolan chooses to tell the story. The non-linear approach really works for me here, and only makes the film more and more interesting with each repeat viewing, especially as I notice new details connecting the timelines.

Nolan directs a masterpiece in Dunkirk that keeps me engaged from start to finish - literally glued to the screen. The performances are also superb, especially by newcomers Whitehead and Styles, as well as Rylance and Murphy who both do so much with so little.

Lee smith's editing also plays a great role in creating the suspense in the film, and executing Nolan's non-linear script.

Incredible film, and even more incredible story. Absolutely love this one.

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