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  • He Took His Skin Off for Me

    He Took His Skin Off for Me


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    saw this on shudder. throughout the whole thing i kept thinking to myself "please dude, put your skin back on." i had hoped that maybe it would end with her asking him to put his skin back on. alas, no happy endings. good short though, nice and creepy. pretty excellent make-up effects. great sense of humor. unique style.

  • Godzilla vs. Megalon

    Godzilla vs. Megalon


    This one is silly--and that's even by Godzilla standards. Nonetheless, it offers us Megalon, one of the cutest, goofiest-looking Godzilla adversaries, the ancient god (?) of the Seatopians (?), a race of undersea humanoids (?) who send the monster to attack Earth as revenge for decades of environmental and ecological damage. To do this, they kidnap tokusatsu android Jet Jaguar (??) and use him to lead Megalon on a rampage across Japan! However, the human creators of Jet Jaguar use…

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  • G.I. Samurai

    G.I. Samurai


    One of the strangest, and most unforgettable, movies I've ever seen. Anything that has time travel and Sonny Chiba shooting a boat while hanging off of a helicopter has got to be considered a masterpiece, if only for this particular combination of elements. Not to mention the CRAZY soundtrack.

  • Snowtown



    This film is not bad--it is, in many ways, quite admirable, being on one hand a very respectful portrayal of a very horrific series of crimes (Australia's worst series of murders on record,) as well as a very good, very even-handed look inside the minds of these killers (whose reasons for killing vary individually, but all of whom are apparently in some way being manipulated by the mastermind John Bunting, who is the most fascinating of all) which presents their…