Harakiri ★★★★★


Recommendation by Wafflez

Presenting a moral dilemma that shatters bushido, "Harakiri" is an intense samurai drama that is so much better than it has any right to be. "A lone samurai explains why he has come for revenge for 2 hours" may not sound like it would be all that engaging, but Tatsuya Nakadai delivers such an intense performance as Hanshiro Tsugumo that "Harakiri" is a film where you cannot take your eyes off. The delivery and presentation of the film are incredible, slowly revealing the tragic events that led to Tsugumo's arrival in a script that takes its time to wind around and then delivering in such a satisfying way. When a film has one of the most gruesome deaths related to the use of a bamboo sword & a handful of incredible swordfights and yet the best part of it is the exposition, you know you're seeing a masterpiece unfold before your very eyes. A turbulent life story, a biting social critique about honor, and a great action film are all in "Harakiri" and it really must be seen to be believed.

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